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"Without doubt - Melvin and Josiah are the best marketers I have ever seen in my entire 50 year business career."

Godfather of Business

"I know almost everybody out there in the Sales and Marketing world, and Mel and Jo are right up there with the best of the best."

Godfather of Internet Marketing

"I went from breakeven to $1 Million in profits in one year!"

Founder of Value Investing College

"I made $1.25 Million and broke our old record!"

Multi-millionaire Trainer and E-commerce Expert

"I went from zero to $150,000 in less than 6 months!"


"I started earning less than $1,000, with a couple of students, but now I'm earning more than 10 grand every single month!"

Speaker & Coach

"I got clarity and vision by working with Melvina and Josiah. Shortly after, I was able to close a $25K deal two days before my actual sales webinar!"

Business Coach

Previously Sold And Exited His Company For $30m

"After working with Melvin and Josiah, we managed to close around $140K worth of deals!"

Co-Founder of High Spark Forbes 30 Under 30

"I exceeded my original expectation. I'm reaching numbers I didn't even dare imagine I would!"

Founder Of Selfstrology

“I used to close $1,500 per month deals. Now I just recently closed a $7,000 per month deal!"

Co-Founder of Sense Digital LLP

"Through X-Factor, I did not only make half a million. I also got a network full of high quality people to strategically partner with."

Director At Sight Lines Entertainment

"I went from breakeven to $1 Million in profits in one year!"

Founder of Value Investing College

Featured Story

"I made 6 figures in two consecutive months!"

Business Strategist


Learn our tried-and-tested strategies that are guaranteed to work in the coaching and real estate space …

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"I've learnt strategies, tips and tricks that have netted me more than SGD 100K."

Founder of Vertex Mastery

"In less than a year of working with Melvin and Josiah, I've made more than 6-figures already!”

Youtube Influencer/ Entrepreneur

"After applying the #XFactorMethod, I tripled my personal consulting rates."

Senior Consultant At Finance Alliance

"I closed 5 out of 7 people and they all paid on the spot!"

Co-founder of Fun Fit Birth

"Melvin and Josiah can design a marketing process and closing process to 10x your business!”

CEO of 8VIC Global

“I went from zero to 50% conversion rate!”

Head trainer at Value Investing College

"I managed to close a RM100K project!"

Co-founder of JooY Media

“Melvin and Josiah's framework is very systematic, practical, and personalized. It was a breakthrough for me!”

CEO at Beyond Insights

“Just within the first two hours, I already knew that I would get my money’s worth.”

Co-founder of Beyond Insights

"I've gotten myself different coaches in the past, but it was only after talking to Melvin and Josiah did I finally figure out what I was meant to be doing!"

Co-founder of POPCONfest

"I finally figured out how to stand out and do things differently. I got what I wanted on the first day!"

Founder of Grow Inc.

"One word - TRANSFORMATIONAL! My entire perspective on marketing changed!"

General Manager at Thriving Talents

"Instead of the usual techniques, they provided guiding principles to get a fresh look at human behavior."

Senior Consultant at Empact Pte Ltd

"Applying what I learned could be worth up to $10 Million in revenue per year for my business!"

Founder of Learning Out of the Box

"I can see my business grow by 6 figures already!"


"Everything I've learned is applicable to my real estate business. Wish I could have learnt this earlier!"


"This is what I was looking for: a framework that is practical and useful, that I can apply to all our events!"

Global Partner & Executive Coach at 2WinGlobal

"I can easily close clients now!"


"I finally found my message, identity, and how to market myself!"

Founder of BYOBC

"I uncovered my blindspots and finally found my voice, identity and niche!"


"Melvin and Josiah make high-level strategies simple to understand and execute!"

Founder of Tangy Lab Marketing

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