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Enlightened Profits exists to uplift the business community by providing transformational solutions for entrepreneurs, helping them to better their lives, level up their marketing and expand their business – so that they can finally make the income they want, and enjoy the freedom they desire.

We do so via our high-impact workshops, in-depth private consulting and online library of digital products.

In addition, we organise life-changing events where we provide unique access to world-class speakers with skills to transfer and a track record of proven success.

Our Story

Melvin and Josiah started Enlightened Profits in 2016 with the mission to help entrepreneurs – after each had their own life and business transformed by mentors. Melvin went from 800 bucks a month and one meal a day to his first 5-figure month and Jo went from university student with a dream to powerhouse digital marketer – all because of what they learnt from their mentors.

And so the quest to support entrepreneurs to turn dreams into reality began.


Today, Melvin and Josiah teaches entrepreneurs how to stand out in a crowded marketplace via their 3-day X-Factor Marketing Class. In addition, they coach and consult a select small group of elite entrepreneurs to help them hit 6, 7 even 8 figures in record time.

On top of that, Melvin and Josiah have brought in world-class speakers like Marshall Thurber and Bill Allen (Future of Business) and Jeff Alexander (Ignite) … and witnessed as hundreds upon hundreds of entrepreneurs were transformed through these life-changing events.

Now, Melvin, Josiah and the Enlightened Profits Team are proud to work with the godfather of internet marketing – Mark Joyner … and share his unconventional, powerful insights in marketing, business and personal productivity with entrepreneurs in Asia.

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© 2023 Enlightened Profits · Terms · Privacy

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