THE X-FACTOR October vIRTUAL MASTERMIND 2023 IS THE FUEL YOU NEED TO achieve a million dollar mindset This Q4!


Theme: “The 7-Figure Mindset”

Mastermind Schedule:
Day 1 - Oct 10, 2023 (Tue) @ 9.30AM to 1PM (GMT+8) - Virtual via Zoom

Day 2 - Oct 11, 2023 (Wed) @ 9.30M to 3PM (GMT+8) - Virtual via Zoom

Join us from October 10th to 11th in our Mastermind as we gather to get to the 7-figure mark and beyond.

Since Jan 2020, we have done high-level masterminds to help everyone expand.

This time around, we are going to explore what goes through the mind of a 7-figure business leaders’ mind.

Business owners who make 7-figures think, act, self identify, behave, and lead in a way different from everyone else.

They plan for their business and envision the future differently.

They think about money and wealth differently.

They hire and treat their team members differently.

They run their marketing and lead their organizations differently. 

That's what we wish to explore for our October Mastermind 2023 :)

This is only available to our Diamond, Golden, Golden Y2, Silver, and alumni clients

  • The 2-day Mastermind is EXCLUSIVE for existing and alumni clients and team members only.

  • We will be having ONLINE sharing sessions via Zoom with the guest speakers we invited.

  • Get 100% cashback for your S$47 investment when you attend BOTH Day 1 and Day 2



We invited 5 business owners who are actively running 7-figure businesses.

Everyone who will attend the October 2023 Mastermind will learn what goes through the mind of 7-figure business leaders ...

How they plan for their business, envision the future, think about money and wealth …

Hire and treat their team members, run their marketing, and lead their organizations.


Pauline Longdon

  • Also known as “The Copy Alchemist

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Transformational Engineer/Mindset Readjuster

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Chris Chan

  • CEO of Vastus Wealth

  • Founder of PPP Academy

  • Well-known in the industry as a leading success coach, business owner, and property investor

  • Growth maestro who creates business breakthroughs via Results Focused, ROI-driven strategies for business leaders & professionals

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Jonathan Quek

  • Co-founder of the Owners Circle

  • Co-founder of Future Trends

  • The Practical Futurist 

  • Helps business leaders and investors gain an unfair advantage through exponential technologies in Asia

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Joey Yap

  • Founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and Chief Consultant of the Joey Yap Consulting Group

  • World’s foremost authority in Chinese Metaphysics and a prolific author of 186 books and counting

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Barry Randall

  • CEO of 5 full systemised 7-figure businesses.

  • Creator of the 7-figure business partnership programme which helps turnaround small, struggling businesses.

  • An author, mentor, and marketing strategist who is an innovator in his field

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Business owners have the tendency to focus on only one area of the business - whether it is sales, marketing, and so on. There’s just one problem.

Folks become successful not only because of their sales and marketing.

They succeed because they have a mindset that works, they build a community and foster loyalty, and they have great system

within their company - which most business owners are weak at.

Which means not improving on these weak areas will defeat your progress.

That is why in the October 2023 Mastermind …

We are going to learn from our guest speakers what it takes to become a 7-figure business leader.

What You’ll Receive From The 2-Day Virtual Mastermind

Day 1

  • Pauline Longdon will share her “tricks of the trade” on how to translate heartfelt and mindful messages into meaningful marketing masterpieces.

  • Chris Chan is going to share his secrets with everyone on how you can refer like a king in your business - which is the exact method he used to manage one of the most successful wealth consulting groups with 8-figure annual revenue primarily based on referrals.

Day 2

  • Jonathan Quek is going to talk about business model evolution, cutting edge ways to play the business game, the future of business, networks to build enterprises, and more!

  • Joey Yap is one of the biggest authorities of classical Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics in the world, and he will share how to play the game at an 8-figure, 9-figure level.

  • Barry Randall is the king of 7-figure million dollar small businesses in mindset, operations, and marketing - and he has created a cool presentation for us in the Mastermind!

Moreover, when you bring along your team members like many of our members do...

You’ll leverage the Mastermind to get your team on the SAME page as you and you’ll execute the strategies in LIGHTSPEED.


It’s one thing to want to take your business to the next level. It’s another to follow through and actually do it.

You will leave the Mastermind feeling inspired to take your marketing efforts to the next level, but most importantly, you’ll leave with a PLAN — a plan to grow your company, your brand, and most importantly your SALES.


The X-Factor Network is composed of members who are routinely from the top 1-3% of their respective industries and verticals.

On top of that, we’ve invited 5 business owners who are actively running 7-figure businesses.

You’ll be buddies with marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who’ve been in your shoes, faced the same challenges, and overcame the same obstacles.

You will leave the X-Factor Mastermind having met, networked, and formed strategic partnerships with people just like you.

We’ll help you connect with each other during the event on Day 1 and Day 2.


Our generation got the chance to explore, look, and experience some of the technologies that are changing the world right now.

Not coming to events like the Mastermind where we catch up on these tech and trends means you are also losing the chance to set action steps that will create the most impact to your biz and life.

We hope you don’t make yourself lose out that much.


We know this is the fuel you need to achieve a 7-figure mindset this Q4.

Join us on October 10 to 11 as we gather to get to the 7-figure mark and beyond.

Expect that we bring you a series of new experiential learning segments that we’ve never covered in our previous X-Factor Masterminds before.

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